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“A New Kind Of Chinese Thriller ”

Beverly Hills, CA – Yogurt Time Films and Multicom Entertainment present BLOOD 13 a crime thriller about a reckless female detective that goes to extreme lengths to solve a serial murder case.  Blood 13 breaks into the male dominated genre with a female director, screenwriter and lead actor.  


Candy Li’s directorial debut, Blood 13 premiered at the 8th Beijing International Film Festival in 2018 to critical and audience acclaim for its riveting portrayal of female-centric themes.  The film is based on writer Tu Hu’s personal experience in the police force and stars award winning actress Huang Lu (Blind Mounain, She, A Chinese and most recently Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere).

Multicom releases Blood 13 late August, 2019. The film will be available on digital platforms such as iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, as well as on DVD.


Synopsis: A reckless female detective faces a gruesome crime scene in a basement bathroom during a murder investigation.  Her partner, a hardened fellow detective, links her case to a larger serial killing spree which has haunted him for over a decade. To bring the killer to justice, she risks everything and puts herself directly in the killer's way. 




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